Top Tips For Creating The Perfect Thinking Of You Gift

thinking of you gift

It can be really tricky trying to find and put together the perfect gift to say “I’m thinking of you”. You want your selection to be thoughtful, personal and to provide a bit of comfort when it’s needed most and that’s a lot for one gift to show.


So here at Smiles Cross Miles we got together and wrote down our favourite tips to help you create that special thinking of you gift to show someone just how much you care and that they are in your thoughts even when you can’t be there.

1. Include Something Tasty

Of course this tip was a favourite amongst the team and suggested by all of us! There’s no better pick me up when you’re feeling down than a comforting warm drink or a tasty snack.

We have a variety of treats in our Shop which will make a great addition to any gift box for that instant sense of joy and comfort. Choose from mini sweet jars (vegan options available), biscuit selections and a range of different warm drinks.

2. Include Something To Help Them Relax

It’s important to take some time and concentrate on your own wellbeing every once in a while but with the pressures of modern life it’s sometimes easy to forget.

It’s for this reason that a great addition to any thinking of you or cheer up gift could be something which will help the recipient relax and take some time to themselves.


Shop our range of relaxation gifts to help give your loved one that little nudge they may need to take some time out. We stock bath bombs, bath salts, candles and more.

3. Include Something To Wear

Give your loved one something to wear to remind them that someone is thinking of them. A little token like one of the pin badges we stock could make a great addition to any thinking of you gift and due to it’s small size can be worn at all times.

We will soon be stocking a new range of fashion scarves too so keep an eye on our website for their launch.

4. Include a Keepsake

We love the idea of sending a gift “just because” and the ability such a gesture has to remind someone that there are people thinking of them, even if they feel alone. 

But we don’t want this initial sentiment and reminder to fade over time, which is why we think a great addition to your thinking of you gift would be a small keepsake which will last, even after the initial excitement and gratitude fade.

Our “Lucky Star” mini keepsake, wish bracelets or range of sentiment candles are some of the examples of items we have which can serve as a constant reminder of your thoughtful gift.

5. Include a Thinking Of You Message

Last but by no means least it’s the perfect finishing touch. 

A personal message from you to your loved one.

Just let us know at the checkout what you would like your message to be and it will be printed and included in your gift box for that extra special touch.

We hope you found our tips helpful and that they inspire you to create your perfect gift in the build your own sections of our Shop.

We have so many great items waiting for you, we’re sure you will find something special to suit all occasions and the best part is your box of smiles can be delivered straight to your loved ones door.

If you’d rather choose one of our pre-made gift boxes then you can choose this option by exploring the pre selected gift boxes section of our Shop.