Inspiring Kindness Calendar August 2020

It's Cool To Be Kind

Here at Smiles Cross Miles we’ve mentioned before that we believe in the power of kindness.

With recent events around the world we’ve seen and heard so many great examples of how a kind deed can help someone struggling during a tough time. So with lockdown now gradually lifting and the beginning of our “new normal” we think it’s important to protect the new bonds that we have discovered, keep the kindness going and maintain communication with neighbours and our local community as well as family and friends.

“Random Acts of Kindness Day” takes place in February each year and there are countless examples and pointers on good deeds to be done, all detailed in the form of a “kindness calendar”. However, we thought why not promote random acts of kindness throughout the whole year, rather than limiting it to just one month; so we’re starting with the month of August!

To get you started and offer some inspiration we have created our very own kindness calendar, with a little task for each day of the month. Due to the ongoing restrictions and social distancing measures we have tried to pick things which can be completed whilst still following and adhering to government guidelines. 

Each idea is based around doing something kind for someone else or making sure you take time and are kind to yourself (as we believe  that’s equally as important and sometimes we all need reminding of that).

So take a look below and challenge yourself to complete the tasks on our calendar, or replace them with your own mini missions that you think could make a difference to the lives of those around you.

kindness calendar

We hope you like some of the ideas above and enjoy taking part in our little campaign.

Be sure to keep us updated with how you get on and your experiences completing any of our suggestions. Also, if you have any ideas that could be added to a kindness calendar for next month leave them in the comments section below this post, we’d love to hear from you!

Finally, if you would like to get the kids involved in this idea too and give them something to focus on during the school holidays then head on over to to take part in their “Summer of Kindness” campaign. They have their very own kindness calendar ideas and lots of other on theme resources too. 

We’ll be back with new updates and more information on all the goings on here at Smiles Cross Miles headquarters soon.

Thank you all for spreading a little kindness!