We all experience those tough times in our lives when all we really need is a hug and some kind words from those we hold dear; to help put a smile on our face…but what if those people are unable to reach us in person?

Smiles Cross Miles aim to provide an opportunity to send a smile across the miles and believe that one small act of kindness has the potential to make a huge difference to the way someone is feeling and their mental wellbeing.

Smiles Cross Miles began when a friend was struggling with postnatal depression. Living many miles apart and with incredibly busy work schedules it wasn’t possible to visit at short notice; but by sending some specially selected gifts and keepsakes it felt as though there was a way to show she was in our thoughts. We hoped that by sending a box of goodies it would help to lift our friends mood and give her something to smile about until we could arrange a visit. A few days after the parcel was sent we received a message telling us how much of a difference receiving that surprise had made to her day and we were inspired to help others in similar situations.

are you ok about us

It's Ok Not To Be OK

With cases of anxiety and depression increasing each year we want to spread the message that it’s ok not to be ok and there is no shame in asking for help.

In addition we want to raise awareness for the importance of checking in on friends and family. Sometimes 3 words can make a huge difference – Are You Ok?

If you could make a difference to even one persons mental wellbeing and self esteem by sending something to cheer them up and make them smile even during their darkest days, when they feel that all hope is lost; we think it’s well worth a try. 

Sometimes reminding someone that there are people out there who care can make a huge difference.

It’s for this reason that for every one of our pre- selected gift boxes sold we will donate 5% of profits to a selected local mental health charity. Details of our ‘charity of the month’ will be announced on our news page.